The Hidden Evils of the Biligramite Cult by Eric Demaree

The Hidden Evils of the Biligramite CultThe Hidden Evils of the Biligramite Cult
By Eric Demaree


The Devotees of Billy Graham Have Undermined Our Entire Culture

I doubt that we will defeat religious terrorists until we first defeat the biligramites. Biligramism could well be the “Trojan horse” that enables religious absurdities to exist worldwide. The legalistic absurdities of biligramism prohibit us from bringing into practice the ideological counterweight to the absurdity of religious terrorism.

Billy Graham is sincere, he has a resounding voice and he has rugged good looks. But since millions act as if Billy is infallible, his one deadly mistake, telling everyone to “Go to church,” is devastating. Billy’s directive is the opposite of going to God! Billy’s proselytes, who have complete faith in his directive, have made churchgoing a self-purification ritual. Consequently, their fanaticism has many grim implications.

The most glaring implication is that due to the fact biligramites have overwhelmed Christianity, religious terrorists remain Biblically unopposed. Biligramites have given religious terrorists a blank check in recruiting personnel to their cause. Their idiocy enables religious terrorists to maintain their false certainty that they are serving the Creator when they murder innocents. Because of their absurdities, biligramite theologians are completely incompetent in the “war of ideas” with religious terrorists. As long as we allow biligramite legalisms and idiocies to overwhelm Christianity we will not defeat religious terrorism!

This book goes on to reveal many other unexpected examples of how the unreasonable religious legalism of biligramism devastates spiritual joy!

Thinkers and seekers will celebrate this book’s debunking as something that has been needed for a long time.



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