Into Dust

Into Dust by Mike Kilroy


Jack Grimm knows when you are going to die. He doesn’t know the how of it, or the why of it, just the when of it.

Only God knows why.

He thinks he is alone in this Insight, but comes to find there are others like him, all struggling with their peek behind the curtain of Death.

Their backstage pass to Almightypalooza.

Jack tries in vain to save those around him who are one click of a split-flap, flip-clock number away from the end. But each time, he fails.

Jack wonders, “Why have this Insight if I cannot make use of it?” It torments him. Consumes him. Colors every aspect of his existence, which is lived in relative isolation. So afraid of Death he has never truly embraced life.

Until he meets a woman whose death clock he cannot read; Until he saves a man from the onyx talon of Death.

Everything changes.

Jack Grimm is swept into a new reality where the line that he thought was so indelible between life and death is blurred.

He soon discovers the mysteries of Death are complex, but ultimately everything is cyclical.

What is created from dust will turn once again …

Into Dust.

Will the sacrifices he makes in life be enough to save the ones he loves from Death?

About the Author

Mike Kilroy

Since he wrote his first book at the age of 8 about “The Venusians” for a school project, Mike Kilroy has been hooked on writing. An award-winning journalist for more than two decades, Kilroy has now authored two novels: the best-selling, post-apocalyptic tome “Nine Meals,” and the swashbuckling YA science fiction tale “The 17.”

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