Dragonlove (Dragonfriend Book 2) by Marc Secchia

Dragonlove (Dragonfriend Book 2) 
By Marc Secchia

When a woman loves a Dragon, that love will change the world.

Six years have passed since Hualiama and Grandion defied the Island-World’s most sacred law. They burned the heavens together as Rider and Dragon. For his crime, Grandion the Tourmaline Dragon suffered exile and imprisonment. The Dragons forced Hualiama to forget her past.

Now, the suns must set upon the age of the Ancient Dragons. Amaryllion Fireborn, last of his kind, bequeaths Hualiama an astonishing legacy. She is the Dragonfriend. Raised by Dragons. Burned by Dragon fire. Oath-bound to a Dragon. Crossing the Island-World in search of her Dragonlove, she will forge an indelible mark upon history.

As war between Dragons and Humans engulfs the Islands, Hualiama must unravel the secrets of her tragic past in order to confront an evil that threatens the very existence of the Dragonkind. For love that is tested in the crucible of fate must burn, or die.

Series Note
Dragonlove is the sequel to Dragonfriend, set in the same world of the bestselling dragon series Shapeshifter Dragons and Shapeshifter Dragon Legends. This series can be read in any order alongside AranyaShadow Dragon and The Pygmy Dragon.

About the Author

Marc Secchia

Marc is the bestselling author of Aranya, Shadow Dragon and The Pygmy Dragon, and is mad enough to be working concurrently on the sequels for those series, simultaneously. His latest book is Dragonfriend, a bestselling dragon adventure. Don’t miss the new audiobook for Aranya!

For More Info
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/marcauthor
Author website: www.marcsecchia.com

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MHTWD0


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