Author Interview with Dr. Sir Reed L. Windsor II: The Tramp on the Lamp

A Conversation With Dr. Sir Reed L. Windsor II
Author of “The Tramp on the Lamp”

Dr. Sir Reed L. Windsor II

Author and artist Richard Wickliffe (or should we say Dr. Sir Reed L. Windsor II) has a new book, “The Tramp on the Lamp,” described as the first adult parody holiday picture book, for anyone who’s tired of hearing about “The Elf on the Shelf,” every holiday season. Here, have a few questions with Richard.

Where did you get the idea for “The Tramp on the Lamp”?
That’s an interesting story, somewhere no one would expect. I was listening to NPR radio. They had a story of a mother-daughter team who wrote “The Elf on the Shelf.” They made them in their garage before they took off. Since I write and do art, I said to myself, “I can do that!”

So you decided to parody “The Elf on the Shelf?”
Yes, it was December and on social media, all you’d see was young parents going on about where they were hiding their elf. It was becoming very tedious, so I thought a satire of it would be a fresh idea.

Where did the title come from, “The Tramp on the Lamp”?
My original idea was, “The Whore in the Drawer,” which had been a circulating internet joke. I began to research copyright legalities of using a gag that had already been used. Then it dawned on me it’d be easier to just come up with a name that had never been used.

What can readers expect to find inside?
It’s a colorful picture book written in a mock Seussian style. The tale of Kandi, a selfish vixen who loses everything due to infidelity. She returns as a trampy doll to make sure we don’t make the same mistake during the holidays. But that’s just half the book. It also contains jokes, games and real holiday cocktail recipes.

Who exactly is “Dr. Sir Reed Lopez Windsor II”? 
He’s the author and illustrator of course! But he’s also my pseudonym since I’m trying to maintain any shred of credibility with my more serious writing efforts.

Who’s the audience for “The Tramp on the Lamp”? 
Despite the title, it’s clean fun. The book’s not intended to be Shakespeare, but it is meant to be a great gift. Imagine it as a holiday party gift instead of another bottle of wine. A great ice breaker for friends who have a sense of humor –and might be tired of hearing about that Shelf Elf.

“The Tramp on the Lamp” is available on Amazon:

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