Traditional Old English (British) Recipes by B. Thomas-Smith

Traditional Old English (British) Recipes
As a Brit transplanted in Canada, my spirit will always reach back to my roots. That is where Traditional English Recipes has played a huge role in our life. While these recipes may be straightforward, they are delicious. From Christmas Pudding to Fish & Chips, main courses to desserts and everything in between, with a little imagination you too can make them your own.

This cookbook (as with all my subsequent books) has a special purpose. It is to make a difference. There are several charities that have a special place in my heart. Each book that I write will go to different organizations that rely on our help to succeed. That is why a portion of the proceeds from my “cook books” are going to be donated to the Cancer Society and to Food Banks, my Natural Dog Biscuit Recipe Books will donate to Humane Societies and Shelters, my Children’s books will go to Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald House, etc.

This book is the first in the Traditional Old English (British) Recipes Series.

Coming soon:

Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All Things Beef
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All Things Pork
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All things Game & Fowl
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Soup of the Day
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Hello Puddin!
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Vegetarian Dishes
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Cheese & Egg
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Saucy Savouries
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Pastry & Sweet Dishes

About the Author
Bettina Thomas-Smith
Bettina Thomas-Smith is a writer and photographer. She is grateful to her father for his artistic skills. Writing for years, she was winner of WD 12th Annual Show Us Your Shorts Competition and has just published her first non-fiction work, Traditional Old English (British) Recipes. Living in a small quiet town with her husband and (fur) babies she is now devoting her time towards her passion - writing.

With several fiction and non-fiction books soon to be published, she wants not only to entertain and share some of her knowledge, but she is driven to make a difference. With the passing of her father before Christmas, she is devoted to have at least 15% of all her books donated to Charity. Depending on the book genre, each will go to a different organization that needs help. Visit her website at

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The Illuminated Body Book by Victor Patrick and Lilian Nickson

The Illuminated Body Book
Illuminated body book shares the best formula for sticking to simple, easier and healthier daily routines. This positive, essential guide is grounded in the science of the body mind and spirit. It is inspired by daily personal experience. Learning about body nourishing nutrition, and how they connect and illuminate from inside, from the soul and the mind is one of the life-changing lessons that have inspired the writing of this book. Day in day out we keep ourselves absorbed with those matters that matter the most to us. A lot of times, it might be just to survive and bring in some money. In doing so, we at times disregard or forget about the extra matters that are essential to balance our lives; the matters that supply real meaning to our world. Health and Nutrition are the two most important and interrelated aspects that define great body, spirit, and mind. When we talk about health and nutrition, we mostly think of our body; but the truth is, before our body is right, our mind and soul have to be so. There is a need to consider your spiritual health; or the balance between your values, goals, and beliefs in relation to yourself and others. You have to pay attention to your whole wellness.

In attending to our bodies, mind, and soul; and having a complimentary life-style, we'll live longer… we will start living in a smiling universe in which all the work and circumstances play a trivial part in making anyone ignore his/her health. We have 24 hours in a day and great health always increases our performance. It is important to build a unity which holds the soul and the body in a perfect health solution. Proper nutrition and good habits that effect apt body operation should never be ignored. Consider this...

"Many People know Not That Becoming More Aware of the meaning, purpose and values of life in the aspects such as your own well being, personal fulfillment and self actualization will increase your self-love!!”

Pay attention…

The human body is a marvelous machine and has immense capability to adapt and stay fit, most of the times; it’s only when we push the limits, our body responds in a manner we characterize with ailments and lack of fitness. To appreciate the emerging discoveries in body health, to understand new techniques for disease detection and treatment and to make use of the published facts on how to stay healthy, you’ll find it helpful to learn about the body and your surroundings. Knowing your body and environment is not all; the body by itself does not exist. Together with the mind and spirit (soul), is our being. Body mind and spirit gives you a broader aspect of viewing your body including elements such as:- a feeling of empowerment, loving relationship, zest of living, strong social support network, a sense of the meaning of life and independence. These elements conceal your mind-body and spiritual health; and the balance between your values, goals, and beliefs in relation to yourself and others.

How do you maintain a happy body, mind and spirit? Managing hostility and forgiving others, Practicing humor and happiness, getting enough sleep, daily exercise, health meal choices are just a few easy selections that would reward you with these in the long run. Remember, a vigorous life-style is a set of selections you make day-by-day.

Let me ask you if you are facing these self control problems:

~ Do you have a hard time passing up food, even when you’re not hungry?
~ Do you experience difficulty in getting yourself to exercise regularly?
~ Would you like to cut down on your smoking or drinking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have struggled with self –control. You can use the principle of self control or self change detailed in this book to improve yourself.



How to Overcome the Spirit of Poverty by Jean G. Noel

How to Overcome the Spirit of Poverty
We are living in an era where the economic pendulum is swinging in a direction that seems unpredictable. Every time we turn on to watch the news politicians and economist are predicting an upcoming financial meltdown that will literally change the manner in which business is conducted worldwide. In this book “How to Overcome the Spirit of Poverty” Prophet J.G. Noel reveals steps in which the believer needs to practice during moments of prayer that will unlock their inner God given potentials and release the success that belongs to them. Also, the prophet addressed the controversial doctrine of " Health and Wealth" and brings new insight that will lead the believer to embrace a balance view.

About the Author 
Prophet Jean G Noel was born June 24, 1977, and was born and raised in Haiti. He immigrated to the US at the age of 10, where he resided with his mother, and attended the New York School System. God called him to preach the gospel since the age of 13. Minister Noel traveled as a youth evangelist while attending Eastern University, where he earned a BA degree in psychology. Additionally, during the last 20 years he served as a youth pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor of a multi-cultural church in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Minister Noel also earned a master’s degree in education from AIU and currently pursuing a PhD in general psychology. In the market place, minister Noel worked as a mental health practitioner, counselor, child and family therapist, and educator. Currently, prophet noel is the ceo/founder of Noel Consultation, LLC which provides prophetic counseling via

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Healthy Gamer Lifestyle: Be your Game Avatar in Life by Lionel Thomas

Healthy Gamer Lifestyle
Are you gaming with low energy... always needing a 'pick me up' with energy drinks, wake up wrecked, sore back, eyes and hands from over use, or other issues due to extended gaming sessions? Then you need to read the "Healthy Gamer Lifestyle: Be your Game Avatar in Life". This book goes into detail on how to create a solid base of energy, prevent issues from extended gaming sessions, creating a mind-set for success and is just awesome for any Gamer wanting to create a Healthy Gaming Lifestyle.

- 1 Page about Vitality For Gamers
- 70 pages of Healthy Gamer Lifestyle...
- 7 Awesome Healthy Gamer Quick Guides

In This Book:

Birth of Vitality For Gamers

1. Gamer Risk
1.1 Fitness
1.2 Muscle and Joint Issues
1.3 Obesity
1.4 Eye Strain
1.5 Gameaholism
1.5.1 Social Balance
1.6 Kid Gamers

2. Healthy Gamer
2.1 Habit Creation
2.2 Gamer Nutrition
2.2.1 Fat Can Make You Dumb
2.2.2 Sugar Weighs You Down
2.2.3 Healthy Gamers Nutrition Habits
2.2.4 Body Cycle
2.3 Avatar Health
2.4 Gamer Rage Reduction
2.5 Weight Loss
2.6 Kid Gamers

3. Vitality Challenge
3.1 Breakfast
3.1.1 Fruit for Breakfast
3.1.2 Foods to avoid
3.2 Gamer Snacks
3.2.1 Healthy Snack Examples
3.3 Meals
3.3.1 Benefits of Healthy Eating
3.3.2 Eat Less Red Meat
3.3.3 Eat Fish (Omega 3 and health benefits)
3.4 Fitness
3.4.1 Pre-game Preparations
3.4.2 Exercises and Stretches during Games
3.5 Drink
3.6 Posture
3.7 Oxygen
3.8 Eye Sight
3.8.1 Eye Breaks
3.8.2 Eye Exercises
3.9 Gamer Brain

4. Become a Professional Gamer

5. Quick Guides
5.1 Vitality Challenge
5.1.1 Active Challenge
5.2 Top 12 Healthy Gamer Tips
5.3 Weight Loss

6. References

About the Author:
Lionel Thomas
My name is Lionel Thomas; I am a Gameaholic and have been a computer Gamer for over 30 years. For the last 12 years I worked in the Computer Games industry, starting as a web programmer moving up to Games Producer, working on Xbox and PC titles.

It was Awesome! Working with games 40 hours a week, and then gaming at home for up to 60 hours a week, yes it is possible!

Over the years I ate anything, gained weight, had back problems, my health was poor and energy levels were like a roller-coaster (Moody as well). Most of this was oblivious to me, as I played out my life virtually with Role-Playing Games, First Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategies, MMORPG and much more… all that mattered was having my computer hardware was working and a game to play. Reality for me was to work, to make money, to buy games and play them.

“If I could have been hooked up to a computer and play games 24/7, I would.”

One day I pulled a back muscle; as I lay on my couch, I felt like an invalid and said to myself, “I need change”. Soon after I meet my sweetheart; a very inspirational lady, whose friends made some very direct comments about my appearance. I knew I was unhealthy and overweight, yet this didn’t change anything, so I needed to stop procrastinating and Take Action!

Starting with only a few habits within 1 month I lost 5 kg (11pounds), I was excited and within 8 months I lost 20kg (44 pounds), improved my health, energy levels, sick a lot less, regular and just feel great.

I play less virtually; yet play more in reality, as I am creating myself as my Game Avatar in Life. Part of this has been to create “Vitality For Gamers”; a cause to give computer Gamers increased reflexes, endurance and longevity for better gaming. In essence creating a ‘Healthier Gamer Lifestyle’ and changing the gamer stereotype.

The "Vitality Challenge" details the habits I created that made me realise that I could be my Gaming Avatar in Life. Since then, my Gaming and Non-gaming life have merged where anything is possible from here on in.

"Be your Game Avatar in Life."

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Winning The Money Game: A Rule Book to Achieving Financial Success for Young People by Adam Carroll and Chad Carden

Winning The Money Game

At any given time in our lives we're either winning or losing money. Unfortunately more Americans are losing the money game. Our goal is to help change that for you!

Have you ever asked yourself, "What happened to my paycheck?", "What happened to my finances?" At some point you may have lost your job, your 401K, and you are just trying to get by. Or at some point you may have wondered how can I live the life I want without constantly worrying about money?

You cannot change the past, you can only change your future and your habits surrounding money!

Whether you are just getting started in your professional life, or are in a serious financial situation, this book can help you learn from your money mistakes.

In this practical, life changing, and goal-oriented book, Adam Carroll and Chad Carden walk you through the mistakes and the lessons they have learned along the way. They will walk you through simple things you can be doing right now. Whatever your situation may be, they will help you win the money game!

In this book, the reader will learn:

~ How to make and save money
~ Identifying your needs vs wants
~ Tricks and tips on essential money skills
~ Your money choices and the consequences
~ How to grow with your money
~ Your personal assets vs. liabilities
~ How to monitor your progress
~ How to evaluate yourself more than valuing money

About the Author
Adam Carroll
My name is Adam Carroll and I would describe myself as a serial entrepreneur, a lifelong learner, a teacher, and a challenger of the status quo. I have been a professional speaker and seminar leader for the past 10 years - my target audiences generally being students and young professionals. My company National Financial Educators does financial literacy education and consulting with educational and financial institutions, as well as companies looking to expand their employee's financial literacy.

I believe strongly in the following philosophy:

1. It's better to build a bigger LIFE, not a bigger lifestyle.
2. If you do for two years what most people won't do, you'll do for the rest of your life what most people can't do.
3. We have four legacies to leave future generations: Money Freedom, Time Freedom, Relationship Freedom, Service Freedom.

My work has led me down the path of being a transformational coach and trainer working with the likes of Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles. Helping others develop personally and professionally fuels my tank and I'm blessed to do what I do for a living.

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Sister, Psychopath by Maggie James

 Sister, Psychopath

When they were children, Megan Copeland adored her younger sister Chloe.

Now she can hardly bear to be in the same room as her.

Megan believes Chloe to be a psychopath. After all, her sister’s a textbook case: cold, cruel and lacking in empathy. Chloe loves to taunt Megan at every opportunity, as well as manipulating their mentally ill mother, Tilly, a woman blind to Chloe’s sociopathic nature.

Chloe currently has her eye on James Matthews, Tilly’s employer. Except it’s not James Chloe wants, but his wealth. Moreover, she has every intention of getting her hands on it, and soon.

James, however, is preoccupied with his own conflicts. Both his marriages have been failures. Now Megan’s former lover, Toby Turner, is causing him to question everything in his life.

When Tilly, under Chloe’s malignant influence, becomes dangerously unstable, the consequences turn ugly for everyone. Megan’s world falls apart, allowing long-buried secrets to rise to the surface. Her sister’s out of control, it seems, and there’s little Megan can do about it. Until she realises Chloe is targeting Toby Turner next, and planning to step well beyond the rules...

A study of sibling rivalry and dysfunctional relationships, Sister Psychopath tells the story of one woman’s struggle to survive the damage inflicted by her sociopathic sister.

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Keep Your Houseplants Alive: A No Nonsense Guide To Keeping 27 Awesome Indoor Plants Alive & Kickin' by Nell Foster

Keep Your Houseplants Alive

The title says it all. Keep Your Houseplants Alive is based on Nell Foster’s years of experience in the interiorscaping trade. The indoor plants included in this book are the ones that held up the best & are simple to maintain. They're sure to be a welcome addition to your home for years to come.

This plant care guide is written as though it’s your first day as a plant maintenance technician & you’re being handed a manual. It’s set up in outline form & presented in plain, simple terms which you can easily digest. And, you’ll see plenty of photos for identification making it easy to pick out your favorite new plant. Even if you’re a serial plant killer, this book aims to turn your brown thumb green!

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Amazon Mom: One Woman's Journey from Mom to Successful Online Entrepreneur by Stacy A. McCafferty

Amazon Mom: One Woman's Journey from Mom to Successful Online Entrepreneur
Do you dream of a business not only earns you decent money but at the same time allows you the flexibility to be at home with your children?

It's no secret that finding the perfect work/home balance is a struggle for many people. Read the story of one woman who did just that! Stacy takes you along on her journey from becoming a new Mom to learning and running a successful Amazon business all from the comfort of her own home. This quick read, jam packed with inspiration and information, is destined to get you started on your own journey to a financial freedom. Don't wait another day!

About the Author
Stacy A. McCafferty
Stacy McCafferty, a Stay at Home Mom to three amazing children, has the heart of a true entrepreneur. Her search for reliable income that wouldn't get in the way of her family life lead her down a lot of dead end roads before the new career of online retailer on the worlds largest platform,, fell into her lap. Since first opening an Amazon store in 2012 Stacy has built her business steadily from selling used textbooks to the success she enjoys today selling a wide variety of items through the Fulfilled by Amazon program. Now she shares her continuing journey with you in her first book, Amazon Mom: One Woman's Journey from Mom to Successful Online Entrepreneur, with the hope that her story is one that is easy to relate to and the lessons she has learned will serve as inspiration for those ready to start down their own path to financial freedom.

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Hearts Aflame Collection IV: 4-Book Bundle by Melissa F. Hart

Hearts Aflame Collection IV: 4-Book Bundle

I'm proud to release this fourth Hearts Aflame Collection. Thank you for all your amazing support.

Sinful Temptation (A Worthwhile Sin, Book 1) Sin knows music. She lives it, eats it, breathes it. And now she’s going to report it. All she needs is to land the interview of a lifetime with rock’s sex god, Tate McQueen.

Tate has other plans for Sin. He wants her in his room and naked.

And Sin knows it.

What she doesn’t know is that Tate is willing to offer her something far better than a byline in Rolling Stone.

The Book of Unbound Chains (Hunting Hearts, Book 1) 
Tara spends her days teaching at the local college and her nights dreaming of something more, but she never thought that picking up a strange old book at a used bookstore could change her life like this! Before she knew it, there were monstrous winged creatures knocking on her door, and the handsome but mysterious werewolf Mads Magnussen coming through her window!

Tara's careless purchase sets off a chain of events that put her body and her heart to the test, and soon she realizes that there is far more to the world than she has ever considered.

New Beginning (Phases of Passions, Book 4) 
A heavily pregnant Erin tries to keep a grip on her sanity as the world around her ceases to make sense. Sean, the father of her unborn baby, is gone. He left amid utterances that he was a werewolf and cursed. Erin dismissed his words as madness but now as her due date approaches, she finds her home under siege. At night, she listens in terror to the sounds of shrill howls that circle her property.

Erin is all alone and something or someone is lurking outside in the darkness. Is she in danger or has she been driven to the brink of madness? What if there was some truth to Sean’s curse?

Cry Wolf (Broken Wheel Wolves, Book 4) 
In Cry Wolf, the ‘wolf problem’ in Broken Wheel, Wyoming takes a very personal turn for Sheriff’s Deputy, Jade Lundgren. When beloved local rancher Duke Minton turns up dead from an apparent wolf attack, Jade desperately wants to find the real killer in order to protect Conall O’Faolán. Not only is Conall being blamed for the increase in wolves in the area, Jade realizes that she can’t ignore the profound connection she feels to the sexy Irishman, or the fact he’s trusted her to keep his true nature a secret. To make difficult matters more confusing, handsome bomb tech ‘Boomer’ Harkness makes his romantic interest in Jade known, and the beautiful Irish shapeshifter Aoife has her own plans for Conall.

Genre: BBW Rockstar Romance / Erotic Romance / Paranormal Romance / Werewolf Romance, length: 33,010 words.

About the Author
Melissa F. Hart
I started writing romance fiction since I was 16 years old. I'm now a published writer thanks to the wonderful world of ebooks.

I live in Canada and I love the winter months. As you can see, I wrote several books related to the winter holidays.

I'm not represented by an agent and I'm a proud indie. I have learned how to create websites and edit images, design book covers, etc. All my books and what you see on this website I have created myself.

I'm currently a certified accountant but my dream is to be a full-time independent writer of hot erotic romance books.

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The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman's Guide to Success & Wealth by Robert Charles

The Theory of SWAG
"The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman’s Guide to Success & Wealth" challenges women to walk their talk with a step-by-step analysis and strategy of revisiting her past actions and decisions. The book then offers a clear and concise strategy to plan ahead with a road map to where she’s headed and what it'll take to get there.

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